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This retired U.S Army Major and combat veteran, recipient of Barack Obama Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, and former TV Host on Bravo Network, and has been featured in USA Today, Forbes, Essence, Success and seen on CNN, NBC, BET, Fox,… uses this training & experience to lead thousands to their victory in dominating in their space and use their inner POWER to ascend to their Next Level life and business. 

Her company’s remarkable success speaks volumes of her business acumen. Within just three years, the company has generated an impressive $28 million. This is a testament to her innovative strategies and leadership prowess. Additionally, her inner circle clients have collectively generated over $18 million by implementing the P3 method, a proprietary approach crafted by Dr. Sonja herself.

Dr. Sonja’s life story is a tapestry of challenges and triumphs. Her early life was marked by transformative experiences that shaped her indomitable spirit. Her 21-year military career, decorated with honors, and a challenging personal journey through a difficult divorce have all contributed to her depth of character and resilience. These experiences have not only fortified her but also imbued her with a unique ability to connect and empathize with others.

As the Chairwoman of Dr. Sonja Brands and the force behind P3 University, she has created an ecosystem where emerging and established women, thought leaders, influencers, and entrepreneurs find their voice and power. Her courses, events, and consulting programs are not just about business acumen; they are about empowering individuals to lead a life of fulfillment and autonomy.

Dr. Sonja’s approach to coaching and training is transformative. Thousands have shifted their life, career, and business trajectories through her one-on-one coaching, group training events, and online seminars. Her teachings are not just lessons; they are catalysts for profound personal and professional change.

At the core of her philosophy is a powerful belief: “Regardless of what the world expects from you… you can do more. Regardless of what they expect, you won’t be held back. Regardless of what is expected of you, you can do the impossible! SHATTER EXPECTATIONS!”

Dr. Sonja is not just a coach or a speaker; she is a beacon of inspiration, guiding thousands to ascend to their next level in life and business, harnessing their inner POWER, and redefining the boundaries of their potential.

Her core belief is “Regardless of what the world expects from you… you can do more. Regardless of what they expect, you won’t be held back. Regardless of what is expected of you, you can do the impossible! SHATTER EXPECTATIONS!

One of the remarkable surprises, and one that I totally did not expect, was who I became through the process. Pain changes us. It makes us kinder and gentler and more aware. I became all those things. I love the person I am today, and you can love the new you, too. I can help with that.

TV Personality

Dr. Sonja has 3 boys and a bonus son.
She is married to Shawn Alexander